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5 Questions to ask a new client before you start design.

Ecommerce website is where you make sales directly on the platform. This is huge because you need to gain your customers’ trust and time to buy from you and come back again.

It then means you’ll need a website that is i. attractive (your customers must love it)

ii. easy to use (or else they leave if they experience frustration)
iii. Loads fast (it must load under 7 seconds or they go to your competitor)
iv. secure (customers won’t put their card details on an insecure site if they can’t trust it and you lose another sale)
v. 99.9% available (Your ecommerce website can’t afford to be down for long because transaction can be on-going by your user)

Does this sound like what you would be interested in? Would you love to have an ecommerce website that turns in profit every quarter?
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