5 Things we ask for before we build your website

We usually build our website in 5 days or less (well, depending on the scale of customization required on the project, it might take longer). Once we have all our requirements, we swing into action and your website will be ready within a week.

So, what are the requirements we usually demand from our clients. It’s not an exhaustive list but usually we have seen that they are minimum reqs for us. Check these out:

1. Your business/ Organization Name and Logo (Logo can come later but essential)

2. Vision and Mission Statement. A line or paragraph is good enough for each

3. About Us (Short description of the business/ organization)

4. Programs/ Services/ What We Do (List them with short write-up if you have)

5. Contact Details and some pictures.

These are just the basic, if we feel we need more info from you, we might extend the list a little bit. The whole idea is to get us up and running with your website.

Now, if you feel you’re good to go and ready to take your business to the global level via your website, let’s do it. Send us your content and any other  info you want us to take note.

To see works we have done or start your website project, visit https://katapult.com.ng or call 08060216910.

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At Katapult, we build websites to clarify your brand message and achieve your business purpose.