5 Brand Assets every Startup needs for their Brand Identity

Brand identity

In this article, we’ll be looking at 5 Brand assets every startup needs for their brand identity. The power of branding cannot be overlooked in a world that’s gradually digitalizing all its activities. Businesses who don’t pay attention to branding would end up spending a lot of money investing in their marketing campaigns but wouldn’t see a lot of result. While it is very important as a startup business to implement the newest marketing strategies, you also need to focus on the part of your business that is customer-centric. One way to get your customers to always come back is by establishing your brand’s identity in their minds. We’ll be looking 5 Brand assets to help you do this.

What is a Brand Identity?

The brand identity in a business is the reason people will prefer your brand to that of your competitors. It has the ability to turn your customers into your unofficial PR personnel. With proper branding, every effort you channel into marketing your services is sure to yield maximum results. You would be making a big mistake to launch your business without the five brand assets we’ll be looking at in this article

Your Brand and Your Brand Identity

Before we discuss the brand assets you need for your brand’s identity, it is necessary to understand the difference between these two. While they could be used interchangeably sometimes, the brand and the identity of the brand are entirely two different things..

Your Brand

Your brand is the perception people have about you and what you do when you are not present in the room. In describing a brand, people major on how they feel about the brand owner, if he’s nice or cheerful in addressing them. They would note the ambience that surrounds you in relating with them, and what impression it had on them. You are the brand. While your logo and your brand’s tagline are a major part of your brand markings, they are not your brand. That moment customers talk about their experience in interaction with your products or the services you offer, they are describing your brand.

If your product/service leaves memorable experiences for your customers, you will be rewarded with positive branding. If you fail to connect well with your customers and meet their expectations of your services, you may just end up brand less.

Your Brand Identity

The identity your brand carries, is the one you get to give it. This aspect of your brand is completely under your control. Your brand assets are the foundations you build your brand on. If you’ll like for people to appreciate your brand and associate with it, you need a strong foundation for your brand’s presence. We have outlined 5 brand assets you need as a startup to establish a lasting brand identity.


1. Logo

Your logo is the basis of every other asset that makes up your branding experience, it represents your business identity and vision. Your logo should be simple, not too farfetched and one that people can easily remember. When working with a designer in creating your brand identity, it is easy to get carried away and go off course. This is because, often times, it is difficult to communicate what you picture in your heart about your logo. You must ensure your designer is patient enough to understand your vision. It is better to use a logo design service that is unlimited, to bring you close enough to the results you desire for your brand. One place you can get such service is Katapult Consulting.

2. Email Marketing Templates

When you want to reach out to a customer, you must mirror your company in a professional, and established way. When you communicate in a consistent style and method, your customer will consider you an experience laden brand. The use of templates for email marketing saves you time, and gives every customer a unique experience in their interaction with your brand. The spam filters for emails are now sophisticated in the most incredible manner so it is necessary to craft your email such that it can bypass the filters of firewalls. This way, your open rate is maximized and you don’t end up amidst junk files. Irrespective of where your emails will be viewed from, a template takes care of whatever screen resolution being used to view your emails.

3. Smart Colour Combinations

This is an essential asset that can’t be overlooked in building your brand identity. Your colour choice has its psychological effect on your customers. Also note that when you choose the right colours, it affects the entire image of the business. The right colour combination for your brand’s identity would give customers a right impression to purchase your product or buy into your services. You don’t want a mélange of confusing colours on your brand, you should go for colours that are integrated. As weird as it sounds, a blend of the right colours can make you appear trustworthy. Again, you can consult Katapult Consulting with regards to colour combinations for your brand.

4. Design Templates

Your graphic designer should supply you a lot of design templates in different file options. It is important for you to understand these options and choose the best one for you in different scenarios.

5. Internal and marketing communications materials

They include; your business card, business letterhead, and other stationery customized to represent your brand. These tokens go farther than you into the marketplace to announce your brand identity.


As a startup, you may be lacking enough resources to get your desired custom design, if you would like to ask further questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Katapult Consulting, we will guide you through your journey of band identity. Contact us now and you wil figure out why brands love our services and what makes us stand out from other brands.