Good and Professionally-built Websites are not FREE, Don’t fall for that trick

Yes, you read that right. The marketing people that just want to dangle some carrots in front of us and exploit our ‘greedy’ nature makes it sound like getting a good website is same as getting a free textbook from a Charity organization. The truth is, at one level or the other, your website will cost you real money. Take it or leave it.

We don’t deceive people to get them to build website. We tell you upfront “it’s going to cost you this amount and subsequently that amount. When you’re ready, let’s talk”. It can’t be more transparent than that.

I dare say that you should also run from guys that build on the extremes… extremes such as ‘Get your website for just 15k’ or ‘We will build it for 500k for you with all the bells and whistles’. On both grounds, something is fishy there. Be wise, be guided.

At Katapult Consulting, we serve our clients on a transparent and honest scale. No hidden charges. We say it as it is. We are not cheap but we do not break bank too.

Consider building your next web project with us, visit or call 08060216910

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At Katapult, we build websites to clarify your brand message and achieve your business purpose.