It’s Time to Take Charge of your Website

Have you ever wished you knew how to handle your website by yourself? Edit and update posts, events or training easily and fast? Your wish might have come true finally.

Gone are the days when the web designer/ developer sits larger than life on your website. In those days, business owners would be running after their web developers/ designers to upload a simple blog, picture or quickly add an upcoming event. If you are still struggling with that, now is the time to take charge of your business, life and website.

And I’m not talking about just collecting the login details (username and password). I’m not asking you to fire your web designer. You can politely ask him to create a portal for you where you can:

Upload new blog post all by yourself

Add new event/ training all by yourself

Send and receive emails through your official email account

And others you want to take charge.

That’s the 21st century way.

At Katapult Consulting, we create platforms for our clients to easily edit their websites without any professional or coding skills required. Our proprietary portal makes it fun for you to keep your website up-to-date. Whether it is new product you are adding or deleting old photos. You’re covered. To see works we have done or start your website project, visit or call 08060216910

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