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Ecommerce Website

An Ecommerce website is where you make sales directly on the platform. This is huge because you need to gain your customers’ trust and time to buy from you and come back again.

It then means you’ll need a website that is

i. attractive (your customers must love it)
ii. easy to use (or else they leave if they experience frustration)
iii. Loads fast (it must load under 7 seconds or they go to your competitor)
iv. secure (customers won’t put their card details on an insecure site if they can’t trust it and you lose another sale)
v. 99.9% available (Your e-commerce website can’t afford to be down for long because transactions can be ongoing by your user)

Does this sound like what you would be interested in? Would you love to have an e-commerce website that turns in profit every quarter?

Then, kickstart your website project today.

Here are 10 features and benefits you enjoy when you trust us to build your website:

  1. We shall register a unique and professional domain and host it for you on super-fast hosting (if you already have one, that’s cool too).
  2. We shall develop a professional website with all necessary pages fully done (both beautiful and functional at the same time).
  3. We shall integrate a payment platform that can process transactions in your preferred currencies.
  4. We shall build a robust email subscription (list building) and newsletter-sending platform for you. The money is in the list, as the saying goes.
  5. We shall integrate a Customer-tracking system that would give you a good idea of traffic on your website and what next steps to take.
  6. We shall connect all your social media platforms to your website.
  7. We shall provide as many professional/business emails as you need. (We’re talking about, not the usual Gmail or yahoo you have already)
  8. We shall integrate a contact form and live chat features on your website. (That will mean a good user experience for your customers)
  9. We shall do custom SEO work on your website (That’s the thing that helps your website to rank high when people search for it on Google).
  10. We shall implement our in-house proprietary system that will 10X your sales.

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