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Top 5 Common issues affecting your website

Published 2 months ago

In this article, we’ll be looking at common issues probably affecting your website and how to fix them.

It is no longer news that the digitalization of goods and services is a must for both small and medium enterprises. The pandemic in 2020 made it clear that it’s a necessity, people who also live in countries where curfew is easily pronounced on the state every now and then would also consider it a necessity. Two years after the event that kept the whole world at home, the number of websites on the internet has greatly multiplied and this is not surprising. A recent poll conducted online revealed that about 83% of consumers prefer shopping online to go to physical stores. This is why you need to create a convenient and easy to interact with website that would give your customers a memorable self-serving online experience.

However, there are common issues that affect websites and they could make your website unable to stand out from the pool and convert your visitors to regular customers. This is why it is necessary to take a look at these common issues. So, if you want to know whether your website is up to par with modern day customer needs, here are a few issues we highlighted to help you access what could be affecting your website and how to fix the problem.


1. Not Optimized for Mobile

optimized website

 The first of the common issues affecting your website is that it is not optimized for mobile. About 60% of people who surf the internet make use of their mobile devices, and it’s the same thing for food or the beverage industry, hence, your website must be mobile-friendly. A website that is mobile friendly is easy to navigate and access on a mobile device than when it is viewed on a desktop. When you make a mobile-friendly website your priority, you would be able to reduce the bounce rate of your site, which would improve the local search rankings of the website.

So how do you fix this problem?

To know if your website’s layout is customized for mobile devices, check that your buttons, fonts, images, and navigation menu appear proportionally on a number of mobile screens. If your website is still in the building stage, or you are looking to update it, choose a layout that flexible responsive, and that works well with different devices.

2. Poor UI/UX Design

2nd common issue affecting your website

As it is important for your website design to be responsive, it is also important for you to consider how usable it is, and the overall aesthetic of each page, i.e., the user interface and user experience on the site. This is another common issue that might be affecting your website. One way to make your customers aware and build their trust in your website is by employing the use of a clean layout that’s without clutter, good brand colors, and images of high quality. If you want to avoid a frustrating navigating experience for your customers, ensure the layout is such that they can self-serve as they navigate through. The details about your services, the call to action to make a purchase or book, and drop a review should be easily accessible to the customer.

So how do you fix this problem?

Ensure to use a website host that prioritize the convenience of customers. Your site should be built in such a way that customers can self-serve from the beginning of their journey on your site, to the end. That is what a good user experience is about.

3. Broken Pages and Links

3rd common issue affecting your website website

 A very frustrating experience for a potential customer on the internet is to click a link or image and land on a 404 error page. This is another common issue that could be affecting your website. It portrays a lack of care, and google also give penalties to sites with too many redirects or broken links.

So, how do you fix this issue?

Once in a while, you should login to your google search console and get a report of any broken image, link or page issue discovered. After which you update, redirect or remove any link or page that has been discovered.

4. Too Much Clutter

too much clutter in website

 If your homepage is one filled with too much clutter, it’ll not only affect the speed at which details load on your site. It’ll also overwhelm your visitors. This again is another common issue that could be affecting your website. When the photos, banner ads are too much, or there are large chunk of texts, and different kinds of calls to action, visitors wouldn’t be able to easily navigate the site, and they’ll just be put off.

How to fix this problem

Your website should be divided in a way that it’s easy to course through as each divide has its purpose and specific content. Begin with a smooth homepage that’s a lead to the other pages like about, contact, gallery, pricing, and service page. Ensure the call to action for each page is clear. For example, the contact page can include the banner for calling your business, while the about can include the call to signup for your newsletter.

5. Hidden Basic Information

Hidden info on website

 If you want to irritate visitors faster, make basic information difficult to find on your website. Basic details like your address, lead to contact your business, or the services you offer should be easily accessed on your site. If they are not, then that’s an issue affecting your website.

How to fix this issue

The homepage of your website should contain the basic details that would help visitors contact you easily. You should also repeat your contact information in your site’s footer so it can be easily located at any point on your website.


As you already know, your website no longer serves as a complement to your business, it is your business’s most important and first impression. This is why you should it’s important that you check for these common issues that could be affecting your website and apply the tips to maintain your website and keep it convenient, enjoyable, and safe for both visitors and customers to navigate through.


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