You don’t need a website if any of these is true about you.

1. Your business/ organization does not  have its vision and mission statement.

2. You don’t have a solid idea or product to sell to the public

3. If it is a symbol of achievement or ‘we have arrived’ status for you.

Website in 21st century is not a luxury anymore. It’s a necessary condition for any business to flourish or organization go global. To widen your reach and extend your influence, you need a website. But website is not the first thing, content is. Do you have the following on ground: Vision statement, About Us, Logo, Services/ Programs/ Products, Contact details?

At Katapult Consulting, we build high-powered websites that get results. Once you have your content ready and you are able to share it with us, in 5 days or less, your elegant website will be ready.

To see our works or start your website project, visit or call 08060216910

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At Katapult, we build websites to clarify your brand message and achieve your business purpose.